April is STD Awareness Month

April is STD awareness month. That means, throughout the month of April, the CDC is promoting information for the public to understand and prevent many types of STDS. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in reported STDs since 2006. This shows a growing need for more people to be informed about these diseases and how to get tested. It is also important for people to learn how to prevent the spread of these diseases and how they are treated. Awareness of these diseases is the best way to prevent their spread and occurrence in society. Every single STD is completely preventable. It is important for more people to understand this and take action.

Diseases, such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis, have had increases in occurrence over the last decade. These diseases can have serious effects on person’s health, as well as their ability to reproduce. The CDC has attempted to gain control over the spread of these diseases. Awareness is one of the best methods for fighting such diseases. Knowing and understanding these STDs can go a long way in preventing their spread. One major step in reducing the spread of these diseases is to get tested for them. It is estimated that 80% of infected people do not realize they are infected. Testing for STDs is not a difficult process. Early detection of these diseases can make it easier to treat them. It can also minimize the damaging effects these disease can have on the body.

Prevention is another great method for stopping these diseases. Every STD can be prevented. There are a plethora of options and information that can assist in preventing these diseases from spreading. It is also important to understand the facts surrounding these diseases. There are many myths about STDs that can make it difficult to stop the spread. Information about these diseases and how they are spread can dispel many of these myths. Learning about these diseases can also provide information on safe and effective preventative methods. For more information about these diseases, as well as how to prevent them, or to get tested, you can click here.

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