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Tips for Preventing Fleas and Ticks Fleas and ticks can be somewhat difficult to prevent your pet from getting. If it is your first time, this can be a hard issue to combat. Fleas and ticks are not only very uncomfortable for your pet, but they can also be dangerous and cause infection if left untreated. Your pet will constantly scratch if they have fleas or ticks, which can cause easily preventable wounds. You have come to the right place if you are looking for preventative tips. Just for you, we have put together a number of suggestions that will help you prevent your pet from getting fleas and ticks. There are people who, while keeping their house tidy, will neglect their yards and lawns. Ticks can be found in tall grass, while fleas will make their homes in moist areas. If your yard or lawn are not being taken care of, then they become the perfect breeding grounds for fleas and ticks. It is important to keep these areas tidy, since your pet will spend a good amount of time there. Piles of lawn clippings as well as leaves should be disposed of properly. You will want to thoroughly check your pet after taking them through any area that may have fleas or ticks present. Fleas and ticks can be almost anywhere on your pet’s body. In particular you will want to be sure to check your pet’s skin, their ears, and their armpits. This is best done immediately following a visit to the area in question, as some variations such as Deer ticks can transmit Lyme disease within 24 hours. Also be sure to check on your pet’s behavior as having a flea or tick can change the way they act.
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If you have any flea and tick preventative products in your home, you should check the date listed on the product. Products that are too old should not be used. Effectiveness will be weaker in an older product. You can also spend some time checking to see if there is a better product on the market.
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Making sure your pet does not have fleas and ticks is paramount to their health. Keeping your pet healthy is equivalent to keeping your pet happy. If you don’t know whether or not your pet is suffering from fleas or ticks you should take them to the vet to be sure. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to your pet, so be sure to pay close attention to them.

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