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Key Benefits of Physical Therapy Documentation Software billing

Successfully running a physical therapy practice entails manipulating many functional tasks and roles simultaneously. While the main purpose of any clinic revolves around caring for and enhancing the quality of each patient’s life, there are many business specific components to also consider on a day to day basis. From office upkeep to billing management and everything in between, keeping a steady focus on operational as well as treatment procedures. Let’s review a few considerations for outsourced billing.

When the operational side of the house begins to falter, everything can feel out of sync with healthcare professionals racing to catch up with important administrative tasks while simultaneously maintaining their wellness regimes. Each company is different regarding pricing, and it’s necessary to evaluate all of your options before making a decision. Typically, however, the cost can range anywhere from 6-12% of your monthly claims collections. However, you should ensure that whoever you hire must be very experienced, knows all the current ins and outs of state laws, billing codes and rules, and your rights as a provider.

First and foremost, implementing a software solution within your practice allows your business to have one centralized location for all data relevant to your organization. Calculate the total costs for any additional employees and billing software and clearinghouse fees. Try to find experienced and dedicated billers that will work with you; it could mean the difference between your clinic and your staff collecting the maximum claims rather than not. Outsourcing can be costly, so you need to weigh your pros and cons before going this route.

Ask potential billers specific questions about how they’ve caught claim errors and how they track every dime for their clients. Purchase special billing software that is designed to organize and automate your billing processes. Procuring an all-inclusive software strategy also cuts down on the amount of training time required for staff members to comfortably get up and running. Be sure you choose a partner who is completely transparent about how they’re handling your claims and ask whether or not they’re touching your revenue.

Once you and your billings person are familiar with the ins and outs of this software, billing should be a breeze and productivity, and cash flow can increase. This directly translates into employees wasting valuable time with dual entry rather than focusing on patient needs and requirements. Have you considered finding a solution that can be seamlessly integrated with your current EMR software? Keep track of any denials or unpaid bills.

A new option has become available for those interested in outsourcing billing. Integrated billing service solutions offer full-service billing at 6.5% of total claims collections. If there is no income, your business will not last for very long considering there are salaries, expenses, and overhead that always need to be paid. Instead, a few simple keystrokes will generate all the supporting data needed to prove your practice is truly on top of its game.

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