What Do You Love About Your Body Going Into 2017?

“I was wonderful then, and I’m lovely at this point. 2014 I chose to concentrate on bettering myself by rolling out improvements in my existence with wellbeing, adjust, perseverance and consistency. You don’t need to hold up till the start of another year to make resolutions for yourself. It’s about adoring and dealing with the main body you will have… Cherish it, cherish it, grasp it.. Since when you do.. It starts to appear. Farewell 2014.. Who’s energized for what we can achieve in 2015?!! How about we do this!!!!” – Demi Lovato

… Which makes me think: rather than focusing just on those things that we have to change our bodies in 2015, what are the things we have to recall to love?

I’ll start! I love that I acquired a strong leg of my mother; I can walk and run and jump and limit, physical, in a way that I acknowledge I was given more consistently than I have ever required; Mini me make two amazing and engaging.

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